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User agreement

 Edition 1.4 (19.11.2012)

1. The basic positions. 

1.1  This User Agreement (the Agreement) governs the relationship between administration of the site Gastronoma.net (the Administration) that is located in the Internet, and related resources, which are located in subdomains, aliases, sections and subsections, including catalogs, directories, news feed, forum, service advertisements (here and after the site and the resources in total will be called as the Portal) and the user of the Portal (the User).

1.2  The Portal is the platform for placing the necessary information by the User at his discretion. The Administration is not responsible for authenticity and compliance with legislation of Ukraine offered data in any way. But in case of detection of the false information, violation of Ukraine laws, harming others, the Administration reserves the right to refuse service the User.

2. The Administration reserves the right to:

2.1  Partially or completely deny the public or additional services and service the User in case of violation of the Agreement, not observing the generally accepted rules of respectful communication with other users or the Administration, in case of violation of Ukrainian legislation, in the case of using the Portal for posting spam messages.

2.2  Close and/or limit the functionality of the Portal at any time.

2.3  Refuse the User to participate in public services and additional services without prior notice.

2.4  Edit and delete messages, comments to news and posts on the forum, which are contrary to the Portal`s policy.

3. The core provisions of the Portal`s policy.

3.1  It is not allowed to publish messages, comments to news and posts on the forum that contain violations of the laws of Ukraine, the generally accepted standards of morality and ethics.

3.2  It is not allowed to use html-code in your ads, comments, excessive use in forum messages.

3.3  Any public or additional portal services are provided by the Administration. In the case of intention to use the additional service the user agrees to follow all the instructions posted on the Portal. 

3.4  Any confidential information provided by the User to the Administration is stored solely for the purpose of execution of the Agreement, provision of additional services within the Portal and in any circumstances is not transferred to third persons.

3.5  All used or referred trademarks and other means of identification of goods or services belong to their rightful owners. All other rights, which are not expressly identified as belonging to others, belong to the Administration or the legal owners of such rights.

3.6  All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to any graphics, photos, animations, videos, audio records, music, text, the materials accompanying the Portal and any of their parts or copies belong to the Administration or owned by their respective owners.

3.7  All users` disputes in relation of the Agreement shall be resolved through correspondence and negotiation, in case of failure to reach an agreement between the sides through negotiation, the dispute may be submitted to the appropriate court of general jurisdiction in Kiev, Ukraine by any interested side.

4. Terms of use of personal data

4.1  The user confirms the accuracy of the personal information provided during registration on the Site, and further work with him.

4.2  The user agrees to the processing and storage of their portal, according to the Law of Ukraine «On Protection of Personal Data».

4.3  User understands and agrees that in case of Ad and (or) the comments on our site, the information contained in them (which may include personal data), will be available to third parties (users of the portal).

5. Final positions.

5.1  This Agreement may be changed by the Administration without any notice. The User agrees to check the Agreement for changes at least once a month. If such verification does not take place within a specified time or after reading the Agreement (the new version of the Agreement) and the User continues to use the Portal, it is considered that the User aware and agree with the Agreement (the new version of the Agreement).

5.2  The Administration may send to users e-mails with information or technical subjects.

5.3  All interactions within the framework of the Agreement may be conducted in both Russian and Ukrainian.

5.4  The registration of the User means unconditional acceptance of all positions of this Agreement.

5.5  If you have any issues relating to the execution of the Agreement, please contact the Administration.

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